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Over 80 participants gathered during this year’s Polish LNG Conference that took place in Arche Hotel Geologiczna on 28th November in Warsaw, Poland. This was the 3rd edition of the event, aimed at bringing together stakeholders from all corners of the LNG sector with a simple goal, exchange of knowledge and experiences that could be used to further propagate the LNG sector. This year’s event focused on an analysis of Poland’s role on the regional LNG scene, current advancements in the sector and future planned investments. However, as during previous editions of the conference, it stayed true to the tradition of international case studies presented by foreign delegates.

Presentations from the Event:

1 Era LNG nabiera kształtu

2 Fundusz niskoemisyjnego transportu

4 Wyzwania na rynku LNG w ciężkim transporcie samochodowym w Polsce

5 Systemy do rozliczeń ilości oraz energii LNG

6 Development of the LNG station network - example of Hungary

7 The opportunities and hurdles in the development of the LNG station network in Germany

8 Shell LNG droga do zeroemisyjnego transportu

9 Alternatywne układy napędowe

10 Contemporary Turkish LNG market & technology in road transportation

11 Wyzwania bunkrowania LNG

12 Paliwowe systemy LNG w przemyśle morskim - 10 lat doświadczeń

13 Bunkierki LNG - specyfika jednostek