Overviews, forecasts, innovations

Overviews, forecasts, innovations

During this year’s edition of the Polish LNG Conference, we will analyze the current trends defining the global and European LNG market. We will also take a closer look at Poland’s role on the regional LNG scene. Traditionally, a lot of attention will be focused on various technological innovations and groundbreaking ideas.

This year’s topics in a nutshell

  • Over(supply) vs demand – market overview, globally and in Europe
  • Main players on the gas market – geopolitical impact on the Baltic region
  • LNG as a key element of Poland’s energy policy
  • Cooperation between US and Poland as the key initiative for European LNG?
  • Poland – the LNG hub of the North-South gas corridor
  • LNG in comparison to other alternative energy sources – how competitive is it?
  • LNG as fuel in road and maritime transport
  • New development directions for the LNG market in Poland and Europe


Makes sure to drop by again next week for a detailed agenda!

The event is being organized by Actia Forum in close cooperation with the Polish LNG Platform.